Women in Ancient Egypt...


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Women in Ancient Egypt...

An Introduction:

Women in ancient Egypt were arguably the most 'liberated' in any ancient Mediterranean society. Indeed Herodotus (the Greek 'Father of History') found the role of women in Egyptian society was so alien to his own culture that he wrote, 'the Egyptians in their manner and customs seem to have reversed the ordinary practices of mankind!' Ma'at Productions' Women in Ancient Egypt course can be presented as either a Short Lecture or as a full Workshop/Activity Day depending on your needs and interests. Whatever your needs, presentations will include PowerPoint illustrated lectures, detailed and illustrated notes, and activities to keep participants focused and enthralled.

Topics for discussion include:

The roles of women in Egyptian society;

The legal status and rights of women;

The relationships between women and men; Women in the Afterlife;

The goddesses of Egypt - their nature and myths;

Women and their sexuality in Ancient Egypt;

The lives of famous Egyptian women such as Tiye, Nefertari and Nefertiti;

Women as Kings - ultimate power in female hands.

Village Women Prepare Bread - Ancient and Modern Methods