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International Flights

We have flown Cairo-Melbourne/Sydney with various airlines over the years and have always found Singapore Airlines to be the best for service and comfort. Through our travel agent we are able to obtain savings and special deals on international flights thanks to our group bookings. Participants from outside Australia need not fear - our agent will complete all necessary bookings for you too, and we will meet up with you in Egypt. Find out more about Singapore Airlines by visiting their web-site (click on the image below).


Singapore Airlines offer a deal for short stop-overs in Singapore (transport and site-seeing) so maybe you would like to take advantage of their deals on your return from Egypt (a great way to break the journey!). Let us know if you want more details! Click on the image below for more information.


Think About Off-setting Your Carbon Footprint

Airline flights have an adverse environmental impact. If you wish to calculate the CO2 emissions associated with your flights and make a carbon-offset donation, we recommend the website You can calculate the CO2 emissions of your flights, and choose from non-profit and commercial offset companies to make a donation – if you wish.


Flights Within Egypt

We will be using EgyptAir for our internal flights within Egypt. These will be Cairo-Aswan, and Luxor-Cairo. The flights are only around 1 or 1.5 hours each, and service is somewhat basic. Refreshments (not meals) are served.


Road Transport

'On the ground' transport in Egypt is much cheaper than in more developed countries. Costs (for such services as taxis, buses and mini-buses) are difficult to estimate. Much depends on the condition of the vehicles available, the number of people willing to share, the distance/time they are required etc. You will need to be prepared to 'pay your share' for such transport arrangements as we make our way to various sites/cities. As a guide, in 2008 our participants paid around AUD$340 in total for on-the-ground transport. This included transport from Aswan to Abu Simbel, from Kom Ombo to Luxor, from Luxor to Dendarah, airport transfers, as well as all local trips (such as from Luxor to the West Bank, Cairo to Giza, Saqqarah and Dashur, and Aswan to the High Dam and Philae). When travelling longer distances we are required to do so as part of a police escorted convoy (see our Security page for more information).

Depending on the size of each tour group and the length of the journey we select either mini-buses or large coaches. On longer day trips we like to hire coaches with toilet facilities.

An example of a mini-bus we hired in Luxor, 2008

An example of a coach (with toilet) we hired in Cairo, 2008


On the Nile

In visiting various sites in and around Aswan we use small, local, diesel ferries when we must (such as when going to Philae or Kalabsha Temples) but whenever we can we travel by local felucca sailing boats. These majestic lateen-riggged craft cruise the Nile like graceful white butterflies. From their decks you can hear the rush of the Cataract and the 'smack' as fishes jump - and return - to the water of the mother Nile. There is nothing to compare with the overwhelming sense of calm one gets when floating in a felucca on the Nile!

Feluccas on the Nile, Aswan


Hantours are a kind of horse-drawn carriage, usually decorated with bells, tassels and metal plaques. They are very popular in Aswan and Luxor. Ideal for short rides along the Corniche (main riverside road) in both towns care must be taken to ensure that you have agreed a price for the trip before it starts. Always check the condition of the horse and only ride with a driver who takes care of his horse. For more on this issue see our Animal Care in Egypt page.

We will take a 'convoy' of hantours to Karnak Temple on our visit there.


Click of the image above for a short video clip of a ride down the Luxor Corniche. © C.Thomas