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Ma'at Tours offers you a unique Egyptian experience...

Ever wanted to visit Egypt with an Egyptologist and a small group of fellow travellers interested in Egypt's past and present, but don't want to be in a large group whisked around Egypt with no chance to relax or spend quality time at the places you have always dreamed of seeing?

Want to enjoy the security and friendship of a small group, and the reduced hassles of someone else organising transport, accommodation and the like, (and the greatly reduced costs of these obtainable via group discounts!) but still want the freedom to 'do your own thing' and decide what you want to do, when?

Don't want to be trapped into paying for everything before you leave home? Working with a budget but still want to do and see as much as possible? Want to see the sites of Egypt (ancient and modern) at a casual pace, and would also like to meet the real people of Egypt and learn about their way of life?

Allow Dr Mike Jenkins to answer your personal questions about ancient Egypt

Interested in visiting some of the less-visited sites where few tourists go, as well as exploring the more famous ones?

Want to be a part of a small group with a real focus on ethical tourism that uses local (not international) businesses, and gives you opportunities to interact with local people and to contribute to the welfare of individual Egyptians?

Are you looking for budget flexibility - clean, cheap & comfortable accommodation, and good food at an affordable price, but with the option to spoil yourself if and when you wish?

Want lots of background information on local issues such as: money; health; security isues; what to pack; photography; customs and social etiquette (including how to use an Egyptian toilet!); and some basic Arabic?

Want your Tour Leaders to be experienced and knowledgeable? People who really know and understand Egypt and its people, and can help you with all your queries and concerns?


If so, then our tours are for you!