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ahramonline reports the 'Temple of Thoth' is now open to visitors! We will be adding the site to our 2014 Tour Itinerary.

Cleaning the "Temple of Thoth"... Mike's latest paper on this almost unknown temple on the West Bank at Luxor is published in the Fall 2012 edition of the journal KMT (USA).

Introduction: I was able to re-visit the site of the so-called ‘Temple of Thoth’ at Qasr el-‘Aguz (West Bank, Luxor) built under Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II (164-163 & 145-116 BCE) earlier this year and meet members of the team undertaking important work on the conservation of the temple's decorative elements. ...

For more on this temple, see a report on our paper "The ‘TEMPLE OF THOTH’ at QASR EL-‘AGUZ".

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Members of the conservation Team: (l – r) Fathi Ragab, Saad Kenawy Mohammed, Joseph Harfiz, and Esha El’Kady.

Conservation team member Esha El’Kady removes sand and dust from the figure of Nu-Amun.

Upper Register of the east wall of Room 2 after conservation. (l-r) Mut, Hathor and a seated Thoth worshipped by Ptolemy VIII.

From the ceiling of Room 2 lumps of dry, mud-like dirt fell off onto the floor as I watched, revealing coloured decoration.

Upper Register of the west wall of Room 2. Small paper sheets and solvents used by the conservation team as part of their poulticing toolkit.

North wall, Room 2, Upper Register, detail of right-hand scene. From the grime of millennia a beautiful figure of Ptolemy VIII wearing the red crown, ceremonial beard, collar, wristbands and shendyt has emerged. A description prior to the cleaning indicates the figure’s prior state: “… it is possible to recognise the remnants of the royal cartouches and some incomplete hieroglyphic characters … [and] two raised hands of the king, adoring or presenting an offering.”