Sex, Sexuality and Love in Ancient Egypt...


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Sex, Sexuality and Love in Ancient Egypt...

An Introduction:

We tend to think of the Ancient Egyptians as 'pyramid builders', worshippers of strange gods or tomb-makers, but rarely as sexual beings with thoughts and desires not all that different to our own.

Via detailed discussions, PowerPoint illustrations, and numerous handouts this lecture will introduce you to the 'hidden' world of love, sex and sexuality in Ancient Egypt.


Topics for discussion include:

Egyptian love poetry - erotic and charming; Erotic papyri - few examples survive, but even the Roman Emperor Tiberius had a collection!;

Egyptian creation myths and the erotic stories of their gods' and goddesses' sexual natures;

The 'hidden' eroticism of Egyptian tomb paintings - fertility, re-birth and sex in the Afterlife;

Egyptologists' attitudes towards Egyptian erotic art - why has so much been hidden from public view?;

Views on homosexuality in ancient Egypt; and adultery and 'sex crimes' in Ancient Egypt.