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The pyramids of Egypt have mystified and inspired peoples of all ages since they were first raised some 4600 years ago.

Why and how were they constructed? What was their purpose and meaning? Such questions have led some to claim that they were the work of aliens or super-beings, but what do we really know about these marvels of ancient architecture? Let an Egyptologist explain the meaning of these structures by placing them within their historical, social and religious context, and leading you on a journey through the many pyramid-fields of Egypt and Nubia.


Features of this presentation include:

Background information on Egyptian mortuary beliefs and practices;

Royal burials before the pyramids and their impact on the development of pyramids;

Detailed fact sheets and notes on all the major pyramids of Egypt and Nubia, including maps, site charts and illustrations of the interior of major pyramids;

PowerPoint illustrated lectures based on Ma'at Productions' own images (including some of pyramids now closed to the general public), coupled with video extracts and a 'virtual' tour of the interiors of two pyramids;

An examination of the myths, recent theories and 'pyramania' surrounding their construction and meaning;

News and updates on recent exciting discoveries in Egypt and examination of some of the little-known pyramids (such as the step-pyramid on Elephanitine Island, Aswan);

The pyramid complex and its place in Egypt's social, religious and economic life;

The historical development of the pyramid is clearly tracted from its beginnings in the Third Dynasty of the Old Kingdom period, through the Middle and New Kingdom periods, and its continuation in Nubia for centuries after Egypt had fallen from power;

An examination of the place of the pyramid form in modern architecture;

Time for general discussion and questions; &

Suggested further reading.