What is our company philosophy?

Most organized tours are formal, strictly time-tabled and don't give you the chance to follow your own interests. We aim to 'go with the flow' of the local people, the mother Nile and your interests!


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Our Philosophy

It is often said that Egypt operates on IBM:

Insha'Allah = 'if Allah (God) wishes';

Bukra = 'tomorrow';

Malish = 'never mind'.

To be on a Ma'at Tour means not panicking too much about timetables, taking things easy, enjoying every experience, meeting the real people of Egypt and learning about Egypt, ancient and modern.

As your tour leaders we aren't there to 'push' you from site to site or store to store - you are in control and free to accept our advice, come with us, or 'do your own thing'.

Mike's extensive knowledge of the local people and ancient sites, combined with Patricia's skills in making people feel comfortable, catering for individual needs and her knowledge of Islamic art and architecture promise you the trip of a lifetime to Egypt past and present! Our shared journey in Egypt gives you the time to really develop a feel for Egypt - ancient and contemporary.