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Pre-Egypt Tour to Petra

At Ma'at Tours' 10th Anniversary celebrations several past participants asked if we would arrange a trip to Jordan to visit Petra prior to our Tour of Egypt.

We propose that those coming on the 'Petra Option' would arrive in Cairo around 21 December 2013 (or 2014). After some time at the Grand Hotel in Cairo to rest from the international trip we would leave our main bags at the Grand and fly to Amman. Having visited the ancient sites of Amman we would then head to Petra, staying a few nights to ensure that we have time to see Petra, the so-called 'Little Petra' and other areas of interest prior to returning to Cairo around 28 December.

YES! Christmas at Petra!!

The guidelines for this adventure are the:

1) Petra trip would be in addition to our extended Egyptian Tour, not a 'I only want to go to Petra' option;

2) group size is limited group and past participants of our Egyptian Tour would be given preference.

The file below make take a few moments to download/open (6.1Mb).