What do our past participants have to say?

On this page we quote from some of the participants of our past tours.


"How would you rate Ma'at Tours' service to you in Egypt? Were we accessible if you had a problem? Did we attempt to meet your needs sufficiently?"

2009, 2010 & 2011 responses to this question on our post-tour feedback form = 10 out of 10!


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''Since I've got back I've been telling everyone that they should visit Egypt. It was great to learn about the Egyptian culture and of course visiting all of those ancient sites is an awesome experience. I would definitely recommend Ma'at Tours to anyone that mentions Egypt as a holiday destination.'

'If you want to do Egypt, do it this way. We met many locals who welcomed us, had some tombs to ourselves and long length [of time] at big sites like Luxor Temple and Giza. Many laughs and when times got hard [the start of the 25 January Revolution] we all felt very safe with Mike and Patricia... This was my 1st overseas trip, it was to the place I always dreamed of going and thought I would never go to. I met many people who I pleased to say are friends, and I was a tiny, tiny bit involved in a revolution....Can't beat any of that! ... Mike and Patricia were there for you no matter what the question was or the help needed.'

'I loved every minute of it... I had been building this tour up in my head for many, many years and it was better than I imagined. From being able to see the beautiful colours in some of the tombs and temples in real life and learning about the imagery, to seeing the wonderful countryside and meeting the people, to getting grubby in mastabas. It was all great fun and I had a ball. Thank you very much for showing me Egypt...'

'The best four weeks of my life (seriously).'

'If you want to simply visit Egypt, see the usual sights & do the usual activities, pick a tour from the travel section of your local paper. However if you have real interest in Egypt & it's people & you want sights & experiences that go beyond the ordinary, go with Ma'at. Why go with the rest, when you can go with the best. The estimated costs given pre-tour proved to be very accurate with the flexibility of paying as you go. ... We had such a great time that despite this being our third trip to Egypt (albeit the previous two being with another tour company), we are very tempted to go yet again, with Ma'at! Thank you for introducing us to so many new sights, experiences & people..'

'Loved almost everything we did so it's very hard to pick some favorites. Maybe the party on Elephantine? That was SO much fun and the people SO wonderful (not to mention the divine food!)... [The Tour was] the best four weeks of my life (seriously).'

'I went in[to the tour] very excited to be getting into tombs and temples and climbing up inside pyramids and that was definitely all I imagined it to be - the experience of a lifetime. But I left with very fond memories of my interactions with the people there and will always hold Egypt in a different light because of that. I loved every minute of it. Even the 'dramas' were all part of the experience! I had been building this tour up in my head for many, many years and it was better than I imagined. From being able to see the beautiful colours in some of the tombs and temples in real life and learning about the imagery, to seeing the wonderful countryside and meeting the people, to getting grubby in mastabas. It was all great fun and I had a ball. Thank you very much for showing me Egypt...'

'I would recommend your tours to anyone wanting an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, caring, comprehensive tour.'

'Being able to see and appreciate the "normal" sites as well as the many "off the beaten track" ones that you provided [was great]. Having "bases" to travel from was excellent because I knew where my gear was all the time, as was my bed... I enjoyed all the activities provided, including the "optional" mastaba crawl at Meidum... I have already recommended your tour to my friends and relatives... I have to say a BIG thank you. '

''I just had the most awesome experience... I thoroughly enjoyed myself. There is no way I would go to Egypt with another tour group - you are really THE BEST.'

'From the start I knew I’d made the right choice – communication was obviously very important from your point of view and that gave me absolute confidence. Ma’at Tours covers those areas left to chance by other tours. Your knowledge, your experience, your attitude/approach just made the tour. I could have gone with another group – thank goodness I didn't! … Naturally many people have asked us about our holiday and they are really asking what we saw. I find myself talking about [you] – You all did such a wonderful job and gave us a fantastic holiday because of your love of Egypt and your care of our group. Oh… I have been talking about the sites too!'

'Thank you so much for making my dream come true! This was the one thing I wanted to do and now I have done it the best way I could have. Shame on you for making it SO GOOD - now I have to go back again!'

'I loved the balance between the famous/busy sites and the quieter, more local sites. I felt privileged to visit the local homes and villages. Thank you for showing us this side of Egypt. It was a valuable part of the trip… it showed the more human side to Egypt. I couldn’t have chosen a better tour for my first overseas trip. You were all fantastic … I can’t say it enough, but thanks again. I had the time of my life and can’t wait to go again!'

'Easily the best holiday/trip of my life. Fantastic people running the tour. The sights, the sounds and the people are amazing. I'll come back again if you'll have me!'

'Ma’at Tours are the best to go with – professional, caring, fun, knowledgeable and informative. Great thought had gone into choosing the sites and telling us what to expect [this] made it all the more informative and fun. I saw just super temples, tombs and pyramids, had wonderful food and juices, met Egyptians, saw how they lived, went to mosques… It was for me a holiday of a lifetime. I learnt a lot and I thank you sincerely for everything you did to make my tour of Egypt memorable.'

'Excellent, helpful service.. [I] saw a lot of the country... Karnak Temple is simply amazing!... [The tour was a] fabulous experience; one I would not have done on my own. Patricia's care for members of the group is outstanding; as is Mike's knowledge of the sites.'

'The Nubian village [on Elephantine Island] and the hospitality shown to us by locals... letting us into their homes, welcoming us, feeding and entertaining us [was] very much appreciated and will be remembered.. Learnt more than [I] had anticipated... Every day is a surprise.'

'Mike and Patricia - you have presented us with a unique experience, for which we are most grateful. Mike with your passion for not just ancient Egypt but [also] for the people of modern Egypt was stimulating. Patricia the way you looked after us made sure we were safe and comfortable at all times.'

'Wow - first trip overseas and [we] chose Egypt, friends said you never go to Egypt first - its just too much of a culture shock. They were so wrong. It was truly the most wonderful, exciting experience of my life. What I saw made me realise that you can never imagine the wonders of Egypt that you see in books until you actually are standing there in real life. Mike and Patricia I would definitely go on your tour again and tell family and friends that it would be the best tour to Egypt to go on. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!'

"We would like to thank Mike & Patricia for making our trip truly memorable. We would not hesitate to recommend your tour to others and have already done so, in fact!"

'It was a wonderful holiday. For the first time (it was the third attempt) I found great delight in Egypt. So as I go around the usual chores I think of tomb paintings and wonderful statues. My very sincere thanks to both of you - it was... wonderful!'

'We were not driven by strict time schedules or regulations, we were free to do as we pleased and a lot of the time I did this, but Mike was always at hand to help with the history and general chat, and Patricia was always there to share the experience and felt joy in ensuring that others had a great time. [They] allowed us to experience Egypt for ourselves, but were always working in the background to make sure the group's stay in Egypt was memorable, exciting, and totally unique...'

'You provided a wonderful experience for us in being able to see Egypt with you [and] we enjoyed the company of the whole group. We have many happy and exotic memories!'

'[I] had a really great time. The group was terrific ... and great Tour Leaders.'

'A dream realised, best thing I have ever done! Knowledge gained and understanding of everything has increased.'

'My time in Egypt was a wonderful experience and I learnt a great deal about the Egyptian people, their culture, history, thinking, religions and, as well, about myself. Both of you brought your own knowledge, wisdom and understanding to the tour, and guided the group extremely well.'

'I loved it, especially starting off in Aswan at a quieter pace and gradually working up to a more fast pace rather than going straight into Cairo and being completely overwhelmed. ... it was a dream come true to actually be there and I would like to thank you for making the experience so enjoyable. Your friendly approach and flexibility was appreciated and I would certainly recommend the tour to anyone who was interested in going to Egypt.'

'It was a great holiday, fantastic travelling companions (a bonus). Mike and Patricia looked after us with great care and thought, otherwise it would not have gone as smoothly as it did. It was a big success.'

'I was awe inspired by the country and its people. ... [You] have probably spoiled me for any future tours. I would thoroughly recommend [Ma'at Tours] to anyone looking for a great experience.'

'A dream realised, best thing I have ever done! Knowledge gained and understanding of everything has increased.'

'I will be recommending your tour to whom ever I talk to - it is the perfect balance of time to sites visited. I never felt pushed or rushed, the mix of long days to short days, and the constant feeling of peace and ease because I knew that both of you had the experience and knowledge of Egypt to get us through any problems should they arise.'

'Best value for money we have spent on any overseas trip and the memories/photos we took home with us are totally priceless.'

'I am very sure that my experience was enhanced by the organisation put in by Mike and Patricia to make it a smooth trip for the participants. I think I was also very lucky to be a part of a congenial group. Egypt itself and the people are very welcoming and the sites, though short on amenities at times, are awesome.'

'Places visited and time spent exploring these individual places was the best. Would never consider any alternative tour and the reason why we waited 2 years to travel with Ma'at.'

'It was a trip of a lifetime.. Mike and Patricia made me feel they weren't just Tour Directors. They were like friends of long standing... Because I had such a full and spectacular time, I would like to go back at a later date - but only ... with Ma'at Tours.'

'I absolutely loved it, it was awesome!! THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE.'

'[You were] there in the background at all times yet in front when we needed you, and we were often unaware of all the organising you did for us ... as a green traveller and seeing how other travellers do Egypt, I was so grateful to do this trip with you ... a MOST FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE, THANK YOU.'

'You guys were brilliant. Talk about above and beyond... No stress for me. You guys did it all for me. Thank you. How incredibly lucky to find this tour. Exactly what I wanted. More than I could have hoped for.'

'I was very impressed with the service given to me. I think I'm spoiled for other tours. Experience of a lifetime for me. I can't believe I've done it, it was great!'

'It was wonderful, educational (on many levels), awe-inspiring, fun, exhausting, soul stirring, dream fulfilling, testing, exhilarating, challenging, unforgettable, outstanding, potentially habit-forming, thought-provoking, beautiful, vast, exquisite, tantalising - oh yeah, I had a good time too!'

'Every day there was something bigger or better... I had a fantastic time with a good bunch of like-minded people... I think we have been spoilt for our first overseas trip and this trip will take a lot to beat.'

'The wealth of knowledge that our guides, Mike & Patricia, provide is so fortunate for us because we walk away enriched with seeing so much and having so much knowledge shared - unlike anything any other tour could provide.'

'[Ma'at Tours] service levels exceeded all expectations - would not hesitate to travel with you again... Thanks for a great holiday in Egypt which well and truly exceeded my expectations about travelling as part of a tour group! I thoroughly enjoyed myself.'

'WOW! We saw so much, but at no time felt rushed ... I must admit that I did little research before I left, but learned so much about ancient history of the places through osmosis that I can now confidently talk about 'Ptolemies' & Egypt, and know what I'm talking about. And meeting the natives was very cool.'


From our point of view as Tour Leaders, we feel that one of our greatest recommendations is the fact that a number of our participants 'keep coming back for more'! As one of our 'repeat offenders' has said:

'It's just the best thing there is. I think I might just keep repeating the trip every two years forever!... Everything about it suits me perfectly.'