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Here are some impressions of what has changed since the 2011 revolution, and what has stayed the same...

Elections: The Egyptian people have just completed their first round of free elections. Presidential elections are to follow. Every street corner seems to display election posters; a strong contrast with the past when Hosni Mubarka's portrait looked down from the same vantage points.

Graffiti: The expression of political views via graffiti is new in Egypt. In the graffito below from Luxor is an image of Mubarak and the words, "Who is protecting the corrupt?"

Demonstrations: While the violent demonstrations of 2011 hit the western media, smaller, peaceful demonstrations are occurring regularly. The image below shows the start of one such demonstration in Downtown Cairo: a coalition for Christian and Muslim unity. In Luxor a demonstration by mosque workers who had not received promised pay increases marched past our group. A local tried to apologise for the inconvenience. "Why?", we asked, "This is democracy in action."


People: Something that has not changed: the warmth and friendliness of the Egyptian people.

The Sites/Sight: We were able to visit many new sites this year and will bring you news about these as we update our site. Something that has not changed: the awe inspiring nature of Egypt!

Egyptian News: Keep abreast of news and current affairs in Egypt via these English-language Egyptian publications: