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To the Egyptians making mummies was deeply religious and a means of ensuring that people's spirits would live forever. How and why were mummies made?

This full day workshop features PowerPoint illustrated lectures and a variety of activities. A range of presentation styles, activities and contents are available to suit different audiences: children, students and adults.



Features of this presentation include:

The Egyptians' beliefs concerning the nature of the Afterlife and the importance of the preservation of the physical body.

The 'Final Judgement' and views of the Afterworld, the need for a tomb, funerary objects and offerings to the dead.

The stages in mummy-making, and its development over time.

An examination of tomb architecture and decoration, and how these related to continuation of eternal life.

Were tombs really cursed? How were they protected?

An examination of some of the royal mummies and the fascinating stories of their discovery.

The 'myth of the mummy' and 'the cures of the pharaohs' - how and why have these become so fascinating to our culture?

The mummification of animals. All kinds of animals: fish; birds; reptiles; dogs; baboons; and rams were mummified, and for a variety of reasons.

The Mummy of Yuya, Father of Amenhotep III's Great Wife, Tiye.