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Ma'at Productions ACTORS' BOOTCAMP OZ Site


There are over 2 million ancient Egyptian objects outside Egypt. "This website aims to collect them into a global virtual museum..."


Do visit Ancient Shapes for that VERY special gift for someone you know (or for yourself!). "We have taken 2,000 year old Roman and Medieval artifacts made great looking jewellery and placed a range of fascinating items like Arrowheads and Fire starters into photo frames. You will find on our site ancient items for you to purchase as a gift ..."


Jane and Mahmoud have a variety of flats on their books - some they own and manage, others they act as agents. You can be sure whatever your requirements they can meet them.

Check out Joan's and Ken's Egyptian Holiday pages - Ma'at Productions is sponsoring their section on Abu Simbel.


ACE - Animal Care Egypt: because we care and because we can do something...


Archaeological Diggings - Australia's top magazine of ancient history and archaeology. Specialising in all the fascinating discoveries in the Middle East.

For a special offer from Ancient Egypt magazine for Ma'at Tours participants click here.


Egypt Today is a wonderful web-site with exceptionally well written and illustrated magazine-style articles on a wide range of contemporary Egyptian issues.

The country and people of Egypt...





OsirisNet.net is mainly devoted to the tombs and mastabas of Ancient Egypt


Rundle Foundation for Egyptian Archaeology (Australia)


Ancient Egypt Research Associates




The Egyptian State Information Service



KV63 -the new tomb in the Valley of the Kings



Marco and Yvonne Porta were participants on our 2004 Tour. Visit their website and learn more about their great eatery in Shoal Bay, NSW.


ILE Tours Peruvian Travel Corporation is an American and Peruvian owned company. The most comprehensive trekking guide to Peru, Custom tours to Cusco, Machu Picchu, Inca Trail. Peru tours, Inca trail to Machu Picchu - Trekking information Cusco, Peru. Amazing vacations in Peru.