Ethical and Responsible Tourism

As tour leaders we are very conscious of the need to act in an ethical manner in all our dealings with both our tour participants and the local people of Egypt with whom we come into contact.



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Ethical and Responsible Toursim

We provide opportunities for our participants to develop a real understanding of contemporary Egypt and the issues that concern the Egyptian people, and give opportunities for them to 'make a difference' in the lives of those in need.

Ways in which we try to achieve this include:

*our use of local business, individuals and agencies when in Egypt so that money we and our group spend contributes directly to the local economy and the economic welfare of local Egyptians. Examples:

*use of individually or Egyptian-company owned and operated hotels, transport providers and restaurants; &

* group meals in local village homes on Elephantine Island where the women of the neighbourhood prepare meals for the group and receive all payments. Many of these women have been able to purchase second-hand sewing machines from this income and now generate personal income from clothes making.

*provision of information sheets and talks with participants on:

*social 'do's' and 'don'ts';

*a code of ethics; &

*expectations regarding site entry and behaviour.

Ma'at Tours has been a member of Luxor4Care (Membership Number MC0040). In addition to publicising throughout the Asia-Pacific region this group's charitable works for abandoned children in Luxor we encouraged our participants to meet local representatives of the organisation and offer an opportunity for those who wish to make donations. Our participants have donated thousands of pounds (for food & medicines) and suitcases full of toys, clothing and medical equipment to local kids in need. We are sad to report that L4C has been forced to stop its operations due to lack of staffing. We now intend to form a relationship with the Egyptian charity Resala so that we – and our participants – can continue to make a difference….

As well as visiting the ancient sites we have one day dedicated to Islamic Cairo and throughout the tour we encourage our participants to learn more about Islam via personal interactions with local Muslims. We feel that this is particularly important given current trends towards polarisation of opinions and views and a general lack of understanding of authentic Muslim traditions and teachings.

When in Cairo we visit the Souk el-Fustat (photo below) and our participants have the chance to consider making a purchase at shops selling products from students of the Association of Upper Egypt for Education and Development.


Ma'at Tours supports the work of Animal Care in Egypt (ACE) - a charity devoted to the care and welfare of animals in Luxor, and the education of locals so that they can come to understand the needs of animals better, and how to look after them.

Click here to learn more about ACE