Our Recommended Hotels

Philae Hotel, Aswan

Flats in Luxor, Luxor

Grand Hotel, Cairo

Barcello Hotel, Giza


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Our basic philosophy when it comes to recommending hotels is 'value for money', 'friendly staff' and location. Ma'at Tours has been able to negotiate substantial discounts at the three hotels we use (the Philae Hotel, the Grand Hotel, and the Barcelo Cairo Pyramids Hotel) and at Flats in Luxor for our group booking and pass all these savings directly on to you. Nevertheless if you wish to up/down-grade your accommodation by moving to another hotel, you are free to do so and we can suggest others that you might like to try.

The accommodation we recommend varies from AUD$40 to AUD$50 (2012 prices, based on single occupancy with breakfast).

Philae Hotel, Aswan

Postal Address: Corniche el-Nil, Aswan, ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPT / PO Box 65 Aswan, ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPT

Website: http://philae-hotel.com/

Phone: 20-97-312090 : Fax: 20-97-324089

Description/comments: Right on the Corniche with wonderful views of the Nile, Elephantine Island and Qubbit el-Hawa (you will not get over the views, honestly!). Very friendly staff, clean, beautifully appointed rooms with air con., new fridges and tvs! Nearby, a string of great restaurants, 1 block from the souk, 1/2 block to major banks and an internet cafe and local ferry.

Philae Hotel, Aswan

Newly appointed 2nd floor room

Reception area in suite

Bathrooms with great plumbing

Double room


Flats in Luxor, West Bank Luxor

Web Address: http://www.flatsinluxor.co.uk

Description/comments: Huge flats with a spectacular finish. Each flat has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, so we recommend that singles or couples share a flat to reduce costs. Each bedroom is larger than a standard hotel room, so sharing with others doesn't necessarily mean that you have to share the common areas such as the lounge and kitchen. Each bedroom has its own balcony and views over the West Bank are beautiful.

The flats (above) and common lounge of one flat (below).



Grand Hotel, Cairo

Postal Address: 17 Sharia, 26th July Street, Cairo, ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPT

Phone: 20-2-25757509

Fax: 20-2-25757662

Web address: http://grandhotelcairo.com/

Description/comments: Its, "clean and comfortable rooms with hardwood floors & antique armoires." LP (1994). There is aircon & tv/satellite stereo in each room. The hotel is in Downtown Cairo, about 700 m. from the Egyptian Museum. There is a great range of shops within the immediate vicinity and the v.g. traditional Egyptian cafe - al-Andalus - out back. Close to taxi stands and a v.g. book shops, nearby several Egyptian restaurants, including the wonderful (and cheap!) GAD & the hotel's Valley of the Kings restaurant.

A typical double room at the Grand Hotel (above) and the exterior (below).



Barcelo Cairo Pyramids, Giza

Postal Address: 229 Al Ahram Street, Giza, ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPT


Comment: This hotel allows us easy and swift access to the various pyramid sites we visit in the last days of the tour. This has become an increasingly important issue since the 2011 Revolution: Tahrir Square and the surrounding roads have been closed or are extremely busy around the time of the 25th January anniversary and the logistics of staying Downtown have led us to move out to Giza for the last part of the tour.

Description/comments: Situated just 4 km from the Giza pyramids, the Barcelo is a typical, international-style 4 star hotel. The reception staff are very friendly and helful. The hotel boasts a pool, roof-top views to Dashur, Saqqarah and Giza, and several restaurants.


Below: A typical double room at the Barcelo Hotel.

The view!